Storyboards covering commercialsshort form and series 

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BBC "TV Licence" - Chris Cray Animation

"Moominvalley" - Gutsy Animation

"Freederm" - TVC

"GPS - Global Problem Solvers" - TV Series

"Barings" - TVC Pitch

 TVC Pitch, Client: Not To Scale

 "Transformers" TVC Pitch, Th1ng

 "Dancing With The Stars" - Channel Promo, Dir Bugsy Steel

 "Smith's Toys" - TVC Pitch, Th1ng Ltd

 "Onexton" - TVC Pitch, Th1ng Ltd

"101 Dalmatian St" - Passion Animation / Disney TV

"Watership Down" - TV Series / Netflix

"Mimi & The Dragon" - Short film Pitch / Dir: Sylvain Chomet

"Ardbeg" - TVC

"Dyson" - TVC Pitch

"Sun" - TVC, Client: Hu_Sh Ltd, Dir: Sylvain Chomet

"PGIM" - TVC, Client: Hu_Sh Ltd

 "Vax" TVC, Client: Hibiki Films

 "ARLA" - TVC Pitch

 "Sony Stores" - TVC , Th1ng Ltd, 2006

The storyboards featured above cover both pencil/paper and digital storyboards and

currently I work entirely digitally using a variety of industry standard software.

I can produce storyboards to suit any budget in a variety of styles and levels

of drawing and finish depending upon requirements, working remotely,

on-site or in close contact with directors