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Too Many Blogs...?

At last count I think I was running 9 blogs hosted on various platforms, starting with my first ever blog on Google "Blogger" followed by a series of blogs hosted on Wordpress and 2 blogs on more work-focussed sites such as this one and the e-commerce site it links to (hit the "Shop" link in the home-page menu) and finally the latest film related blog also hosted by Wix,, which has been a lot of fun besides keeping me occupied for the better part of the lockdown.

I enjoy writing, both generally and on work-related subjects and too often, posts were being duplicated across different blogs in the vain hope of attracting subscribers. However, blogs require constant updating and keeping track of metrics to assess who is actually visiting and how frequently, if at all, and I reluctantly have to accept that besides being a ton of work to maintain, no one is really looking at them.

This may in part be due to the site design in each case, which can be a hard thing to get right even with supplied templates, and where Wordpress is concerned can become very technical and time-consuming as you drill down into the site at a coding level to customize the front-end design.

So as of February 2021 I have whittled down my blogs to just 4, which may still seem to be a lot, and will be launching a totally new Wordpress blog in an e-zine format that consolidates all the content from the retired blogs with a brand new front-end - who says I'm a glutton for punishment :) ?

For a change, I'm planning to open up the new e-zine format blog to other contributors, with content following a broad creative theme, partly to keep it fresh but also because after a while I get bored reading my own stuff - so please do suggest articles !

Watch this space for the new blog, which I'll be adding to the list of blogs (currently now only one) on the "Writing" page of this website.

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