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Oscar Zarate book launch

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

A short animated sequence commissioned by the award-winning graphic novel author & artist Oscar Zarate for the official launch of a book on the life of the little-known British landscape artist Thomas Girtin, a contemporary or J.M.W Turner.

The launch of the book, published by SelfMadeHero, was held at the Camden Image Gallery on 02/06/23. A superficially simple brief with a short turnaround, the aim was to preserve as much of Zarate's work as possible without the need for producing time-consuming and labour intensive frame by frame animation of the cloud elements scanned from his analogue artwork eg by replicating his style using inks on paper as per the actual artwork for the graphic novel.

The sequence was created entirely in Adobe After Effects CC and the animation of the cloud layers was achieved using a plugin with additional animation of Girtin's coat achieved using the Puppet tool over a period of 2 weeks from start to finish with several approval stages.

V/O was supplied to picture by comedian, writer and podcaster, Alexei Sayle who also collaborated with Oscar Zarate on a previous graphic novel.

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