I maintain a series of blogs on a variety of topics related to my work, some with

a focus on a specific area of interest and others that are a platform for writing.


I've also contributed published articles to various magazines, both hard-copy

and online since the mid-'90s, with a focus on animation and job breakdowns. 


Below are article PDf's and my blogs

Dragon Hunters / 3D World magazine

VW "Summer Morning" / 3D World magazine

Digital Art Media / 3D World magazine

"Negation- Monster From Mars" / FPS magazine

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A WordPress blog covering the "Martinware" collection at

Southall, West London

A WordPress blog of writing on a range of topics, eg book / film reviews

,personal writing and random stuff

A WordPress blog like Monkey Magic but with additional content

like personal CG project breakdowns

A WordPress blog work-in-progress detailing my professional journey

in animation

A Blogger blog and probably my first blog, that shares some content with the

one's listed above and random musings

I'll be expanding the PDF's available above to include other published writing as 

a resource for animation students, covering topics ranging from industry overviews

to job break-downs on projects that I have worked on.

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