I maintain a couple of blogs on a variety of topics related to my work, some with

a focus on a specific area of interest and others that are a platform for writing.


I've also contributed published articles to various magazines, both hard-copy

and online since the mid-'90s, with a focus on animation and job breakdowns. 


Below are article PDf's and my blogs

Dragon Hunters / 3D World magazine

VW "Summer Morning" / 3D World magazine

Digital Art Media / 3D World magazine

"Negation- Monster From Mars" / FPS magazine

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fullscreen option )


A WordPress blog covering the "Martinware" collection at

Southall, West London

A Creative E-Zine

Reviews of films I've watched over lockdown

I'll be expanding the PDF's available above to include other published writing as 

a resource for animation students, covering topics ranging from industry overviews

to job break-downs on projects that I have worked on.