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Lockdown Lifedrawing

I've been interested in taking up life-drawing again since last year, mainly out of concern for how my drawing had changed since working digitally and it's something that was a regular practice at art college, in my case, decades ago.

Working professionally in animation and in whatever medium, you fall into patterns of working and using little tricks and tics that enable you to get the job done in circumstances that are dictated by schedules and deadlines.

The result of this is is that you effectively rely entirely on imagination and memory and stop looking, which is a necessary part of drawing - this is different to a personal interpretation of what you see.

Apart from a session with a local arts group and several sessions at Central St Martins life-drawing, which is geared towards animators, last year, this was cut short by the Covid 19 lockdown.

However, Central St Martins was quick to respond to the situation by offering life-drawing sessions via Zoom, every Thursday evening, with a variety of models and via this I discovered that some of the models also offer sessions independantly or as part of collectives (some offering a wide range of models internationally) via Zoom.

There are now quite a few life-drawing sessions offered that can be found via Instagram, for example those offered by Morgan Barbour, who is the subject of the (digital) drawings posted here.

Admittedly I'm still drawing digitally here - in this case using the Procreate and Adobe Fresco apps on an IPad Pro, but have also been working using traditional media.

Morgan, who is a circus acrobat, also does sessions for Central St Martins lifedrawing and you can view a selection of drawings from her sessions and others on my Instagram feed.

25 /08 / 2020

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