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Here comes the sun...

"Sun" - Directed by Sylvain Chomet ("Belleville Rendezvous") and produced by London studio Hu_Sh - 2019 / 20

I've done several storyboards for Hu_Sh, who represent Sylvain Chomet for commercials and this was the first of a series, now into a second commercial for the same product.

The storyboards don't often require me to work in Chomets' signature style and since they often feature realistic characters the storyboard is essentially required to block out the narrative, and establish angles and so on, with some guidance from the director in the form of thumbnails drawings.

Additionally to date I have worked on these assignments remotely regardless of the current circumstances so the workflow was not really much different to before.

Since these ads are quite economic I would generally be supplied with an agency animatic that again makes no attempt to anticipate the final look of the commercials and I often find myself simply re-drawing a shot - when it comes to more problematic shots I'll either take direction as far as solving issues like composition or be required to offer solutions in a storyboard panel drawing, which can be the interesting part.

"Sun" Animatic.

By the animatic stage, background layouts had been produced and the shots were a combination of storyboard panels and panels re-drawn by the director to more closely match the directors' style or make adjustments.

"Sun" Storyboard

"Sun" - Dir: Sylvain Chomet, Production Company: Hu_Sh, Producer: Ru Warner - 2019

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