There Can Only Be...One Book...

A long time in the works, Jonathan Melville's definitive look at the cult-classic fantasy film "Highlander", hits the shelves this September and it's a pleasant surprise to see that panels from storyboards I did for the climax of the film 35 years ago have been included, albeit in an accompanying booklet due to space considerations in the book itself. My involvement in the film was relatively small and much of the credit for storyboarding on the film belongs to Joe Haidar who was drafted in at an early stage in the production, and quite rightly, he gets a lot of coverage in early chapters. By the time I came to be involved, in mid-to-late 1985, all the principal photography had been complete

Blood, Sweat and Tears...(or rescued from oblivion...)

Back in 2004 I was approached by writer/director Rajesh Thind to help realise a short film for DFG films, one of a series dealing with the pressing need for blood donation from members of ethnic minorities in the U.K. and to be broadcast on Channel 4. The end result was visual mash-up using a technique reminiscient of Terry Gilliam's "Monty Python" short animations involving the plundering of Indian advertising and graphic ephemera, which seemed the best approach both to give the film a lightness of touch and humour and to make it practically possible to make within the schedule and budget - the then prevalent and industry standard digital tool of choice was After Effects. Overall it was a f

Here comes the sun...

I've done several storyboards for Hu_Sh, who represent Sylvain Chomet for commercials and this was the first of a series.


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