Rabbit, Rabbit...

This blog post is a little late since the new CGI 3 part mini-series of Richard Adam's "Watership Down" aired over Christmas 2018 - a Netflix / BBC co-production, it was promoted as a highlight of the season. This was a longish stint on what's called "development storyboarding" ie a "Beat Board" - key story points that ignored exchanges between characters and focussed on action / location changes etc - had reached the third episode by the time a small crew had been assembled to start the second stage of storyboarding, breaking down the beat board that Michael Schlingmann had been working on single-handedly for the better part of a year previously, as part of pre-production. While many of the

Moominvalley - Gutsy Animation

I was invited to work on the new animated adaptation of Tove Jansson's Moomin stories last year (2018) - the role initially involved a second pass storyboard for one of the episodes in series #1 of the new 2D / 3D CGI animated series, for Gutsy Animations. I've been a Moomin fan since I was quite young (something shared in common with many of the crew) and it featured in some of my earliest reading - later an early interest in animation resulted in some attempts at animating some of the stories, so the opportunity to work on an animated adaptation of these iconic characters was both exciting and daunting. At this early stage of my involvement, the concern was to define the narrative style an


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